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As a small private facility, Tolt Farm offers outstanding horse boarding, that features personalized care to all of our residents and 24/7 on-site supervision.

At Tolt Farm, we feed only the best quality grain.   Our hay is also top quality grass, either first or second cutting,  depending on the individual needs of  each horse.  We will feed supplements supplied to us for your horse.


Unlike many larger boarding stables, we don’t close, offering ready access to your horse.

Our boarding facility includes new  barns, new all season footed arena, wash stalls, jump course, wood fencing, and run-in stalls in 4 of the paddocks.  Horses can be turned out individually or with a buddy.  We have many individually fenced  paddocks that offer lots of turnout options.   Horses are turned out either all day or all night, depending on the season.


We offer a number of boarding options- from summer board to vacation board to regular full board to board and lesson packages.  Do you have special or unique needs?  Let's talk!


Tolt Farm has an informal, friendly atmosphere so that the time spent with your horse is relaxing and stress free!  As a small private facility, you won’t have to deal with some of the issues or hassles associated with a larger public facility.

But don't just take our word for it- here's what our boarders have to say about us:


"Tolt Farm offers absolutely  top notch care for both horse and rider.  I have been involved in horses for over 40 years, and I have just never seen any other stable where the horses get the individualized care that Anne offers- not even at the barns that cost twice what Anne charges!  The facility is gorgeous and very well appointed with new barns, large bright roomy stalls, grass pastures, an enormous footed ring with jumps and direct access to the Readington Trails.  I also like that the paddocks are all within easy view in case of emergency.  My horse settled right in, relaxed and thrived in Anne’s care.  She treats each horse like her own.  The private and friendly atmosphere at the barn is conducive to maximizing the enjoyment of the time spent with your horse. "

- Lisa H.



"Tolt Farm is a little piece of horsey heaven. Anne, a seasoned horsewoman, treasures her horses and cares for my horse Teasel as one of her own. I do not worry about him when I am out of town. The care is phenomenal with attention to detail. Anne takes great pride in her farm and the services she offers to boarders. She thinks of every detail of Teasel's needs even before I do. I have boarded Teasel many places throughout the years and I'm happy to say that Tolt Farm is by far the farm that offers me the most peace of mind. I know my horse is happy and healthy. It was a blessing that I found this place!"

- Jourdan S.


"Over the years I have boarded horses at many different facilities and I can honestly say that Tolt Farm is by far one of the best.  They take great pride in what they do and it shows.  From the impeccably maintained stalls, to the always clean water, great feed, bedding and hay, it is a professionally maintained facility!  The barns are beautiful, safe, convenient, and yet affordable.  My aged horse was very well cared for and I never had to worry about him when I was not there.  Anne is very attentive to each horse’s well-being and everyone is treated like family.  I could not have asked for a better place for my horse.  If you are planning to board your horse for any reason, you won’t regret staying at Tolt Farm."


- Gloria Long


"You better think twice before bringing your horse to visit Tolt Farm in Whitehouse, NJ because one look around and your horse will never want to leave.  Your beloved friend will see small groups of horses "hanging out" together in beautiful paddocks.  He will probably notice some munching on hay even, at times, in the middle of the afternoon.  Whatever his breed, he will know that he will fit right in as there are horses of all sizes ranging from those small but strong Icelandics to the great big guy of 17 hands.  And, he will not miss the fact that all the horses look so happy and content.  So, if he starts to nudge you and rub his head up against you, he is not being rude.  He is just trying to say, "Oh , please let me stay."


You, as his Mama, will be looking at how immaculate all those paddocks are.  No matter how many times I go to ride my boy who lives at Tolt Farm, no matter what time of day I arrive, the facility is always pristine.  You will notice how fit and well nourished all the residents appear.  This is no accident because Anne of Tolt Farm believes in serving them the best quality of hay and grain along with any supplements needed to keep their coats shiny, hooves strong and manes and tails full and beautiful.   You will see that their water is always sparkling and plentiful, and you will definitely be impressed by the two lovely barns with their spotless stalls.  You cannot help but think as you look around, "what a wonderfully charming place this is for a horse.'  You would be right, and your horse would agree!


I have found that along with the highest level of care Tolt Farm provides for the horses, Anne is there for us humans as well.  Whether you require lessens as a beginner or just need to polish up your advanced riding skills, she will  provide you with a degree of professionalism in her teaching approach coupled with kindness that is unmatched  anywhere."


- Regina B.


"My hunter/jumper pony (Truffles) and daughter needed to take a break from the ring and chill out and relax.  We came to Tolt farm for numerous reasons: weight management, trail riding, bonding with our pony, and to have fun.  My expectations at Tolt Farm were far exceeded.  The care of the facilities is above and beyond any barn I have seen.  The barns and stalls are immaculate and the pastures are picked daily!  Anne was able to bring Truffles to her ideal weight in a matter of months and trained her on the trails so that my daughter could enjoy going out with Truffles.  Anne introduced us to the Readington Trail Association and we became members.  My daughter went on Hunter Paces, a Halloween ride, and a gymkhana with Anne and her horses where she came home with blue ribbons.  Most importantly, I felt completely at ease with my 12 year old daughter and her pony under Anne’s care on the trails.  We had such fun at the barn and doing horse events with Anne.  I also took lessons and went on trail rides with my daughter and Anne on one of her horses.  It was a fabulous family experience.    When the weather started to get cool Truffles would get a warm mash to help her relax in the cold weather.   I never worried at all with my pony’s care and my daughter’s safety.   I would highly recommend Tolt Farm for boarding if you are looking for superior care and a location that offers so much for horse and rider. "

- Linda. V.

Tolt Farm has afforded both Beth and me complete peace of mind knowing our horses' safety and wellbeing are closely monitored to ensure they stay healthy and that all their individual needs are met.

We are most thankful for the wonderful home you have provided for Shiloh. Your horsemanship and tremendous attention to details has allowed our "senior citizen" to experience new youth. We are so proud of how he has changed over the last nine months.

Because of the TLC you extended to Shiloh, we felt very secure in bringing a new horse, Dublin, to Tolt Farm. You have extended the same expert and loving care to him as you did for Shiloh and the other horses at Tolt Farm. When he arrived he was a little short in his ground manners. Under your kind yet firm tutelage he has grown to be quite a young gentleman.

Thank you for being so wonderfully kind, patient, and understanding to a "green' horseman like myself. Your insight and advise mean everything yo me. I can'y imagine being anywhere else.

We are truly grateful for this very special facility.

-Jim & Beth K.

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